I am aware 2 day

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To All,
I have been on a lethal dose of meds, and I am trying to get off of it....I absolutely refuse methidonne...... I have to be on something and I won't be taking that crap.... I am not a junkie!
Yes I am in the hospital fighting for my life......AGAIN!!!!!! except the Lord is with me and does most the battles. The amazing thing is: He Wins............. I will be fine in His name!
Sorry if I lost some friends, because I act out of the flesh at times like these. Can't really afford to lose them at all!
Gods Love Joy & Peace Your
Love Cathy


  • grandma
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    Hi Cathy, just letting you know you are not alone, we are here in thought and Prayer with you.
    we love you and we are pulling for you.you have to do your part, and that is keep fighting and praying. MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU AND GIVE YOU THE STRENGTH TO WHIP THIS BATTLE. in JESUS name AMEN!!!...............Flo
  • sdevilbiss
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    Good to hear from you Cathy. God bless and keep you. Keep your chin up. A friend
  • marytres
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    Hi Cathy, you hang in there and keep fighting with God. TOgether you'll win. Don't give up and always remember you have friends here. Hugs and prayers, Marie