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Hello everyone, was wondering how everyone is doing? I haven't checked in lately and wanted to let you all know that you're all in my prayers ! This is a tough road but just hang in there to all the new comers...there is alot of great support from these ladies on here,they have helped me tremendously!!! Best of luck to all of you . I had a awesome oncologist check-up yesterday, I am so grateful and thank god everyday ...It is a little over a year and a half since my DX...I am having my last of my reconstruction surgery on Feb.11th and am looking very very forward to getting this part all behind me !! So far all has gone good ..Thank god..I am dealing now with Fibromyalgia,its terrible, the joint and muscle pain is awful and the worst feeling is "feeling as a semi truck ran me over a few times !! It been tough but I will deal with this, I have made it through chemo and this is a piece of cake compared to that !!! my 13 year old daughter also has been diagnosed with this and it has been very tough for her, it has been years and we are now thankful for some kind of diagnoses so we can try to deal with this, we also had another scare with my son a few weeks back, he had a breast lump !!!!! Talk about scared,,,he had surgery last week and thank god it was benign,they sent it off to pathology immediately during surgery,which saved me days of worrying ... thank god it turned out all right. So as you can see life doesn't ever have a dull moment ...But being Cancer free is the greatest news and I will manage everyday with everything else...I hope all of you are doing well and I will continue to keep you all in my prayers !! God Bless !! Karin


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    Hi Karin, I am so happy for your fantastic report on yourself and your son. but your 13 yr. old daughter, I am very sorry, she is so young to have to deal with this. How is she doing? I will keep you and your fam. all in my prayers.
    We are fighting colds here.
    My hubby's cancer is active again and not much they can do for him this time, so all prayers are welcome. Love, Hugs and Prayers....Flo