Don't Understand or What???

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Dear Guys,
You have me way off base!!!! i KNOW THE lORD IS WITH ME and has been sincee 89!!!! I give all my faith and glory to Our God!!!!!!!
I only stated that all I am, I give to HIM COMPLETELY!!!!! Forever and ever........... I must get a AMEN on this one!!!!!!!! You do know your true Sisters are in times like this.... I will always believe the Lord my God is forever with me.... Forever & forever!!!!!!!!!!!
Not feeling Alone at all in Jesus Name
Love Cathy


  • hummingbyrd
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    Hey Cathy, I don't understand 'cause this is the one and only post I have the time or energy to read tonight, so I'm clueless (as usual) LOL!
    I do know this, from our conversations I know you are a very Godly woman and a great testimony to the strength one can gain during trials through our Lord and Savior, and I will give you an AMEN!! to that one!
    You are truly a woman that is conquering cancer through Christ!
    Alleluia, Praise the Lord, can I have an Amen!
    And they all stood as one and SHOUTED....AMEN!!!!
    Hang in there girl, I'm a praying for you.
    God bless. hummb