new please help! dead cells biopsy?

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My stepdad was just diagnosed with lung cancer and in his adrenals. They have done three biopsies and keep coming up with dead cells.
What does this mean? They can't tell us what kind of cancer it is because they can't get live cells.
He has been taking mega doses of coral calcium for a month. Anyone tried this?


  • betty2
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    I have never heard of dead cells, but I am a lung cancer surviver. I had adenocarcinoma the first time and large cell the second time 3 1/2 years apart. I would be intrested to know what you find out.
  • bobz1
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    This does not sound right.Are you sure they think he has lung Cancer? This sounds like someother Lung disease.I am also a Lung Cancer Survivor, lit us know what it is. Bobz1