Pray for me Please

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Dear Ladies,
I am now in Fairfax Hospital. It is a much larger and respected one than Fair Oaks even though they are connected......There are more experienced Doctore and should be able to give me some answers, and not allow me to leave with a heart infection like Fair Oaks did.
Whatever, I believe the Lord will heal me as well as many others who believe in Him. So sorry if my current postings have been out there and flippant. I am so overstressed and I react in ways that are not pleasing to the Lord. Please forgive me abd pray that something will change. I believe in miracles and I am a living testimony. There are a lot of us who can say that and it is the Truth.......God Bless You All
Love Cathy
PS: I will have access to a computer while I am in there and I switched pain meds to something milder. The synthetic morphine put me on another planet and I did not like it at all. So I won't sound so out there anymore OK


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    Thinking of you Cathy,
    I am sorry your now in the hospital and one has to learn to cope with all they face which just isn't easy. It is like arming ourselves with as many tricks up our sleeves as we can. I am sorry but I don't agree with you, there is nothing you could to do or say that could ever displease the Lord. He is all Loving and all Forgiving to each and everyone of his children and you are one. One has to learn what they have control over and what they do not and sometimes letting go is the best that we can do. Cancer has brought me back to the core of my being. There is nothing you can do or that can be done to change the core of your being too Cathy.
    I hope they finally give some answers and you get some stability. We are with you girl.
    Be good to yourself please,