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I have read that soy products help alleviate hot flashes. Is it OK to consume soy milk, tofu, etc when on Tamoxifen?


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    You definitely need to check with your oncologist. Each doctor has different rules. Also depends on whether you are pre or postmenopausal. My oncologist allowed me to take Black Cohosh and Soy while I was premenopausal since my ovaries were producing plenty of estrogen anyhow. Now that I am postmenopausal - no. Please follow your doctor's advice. They know your situation. Hope this helps.

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    Hi! The object of the Tamoxifen is to block the production of estrogen which is what cancer cells live off. Taking soy, which is a phytoestrogen(has similar properties as estrogen) seems to negate the Tamoxifen. I would definately check with your MD. I would say that a little soy once in a while is ok but I wouldn't take too much. Let us know what your MD says. Cathy
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    Check with your Onc. first. I too thought it was ok. Doc said NO. Hugs Emmi