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Hi ladies, guess who is part of our "club"? My favorite singer, Anastacia. She has BC at an early stage. Instead of people joining her fan club, she's part of ours now. Sad to say but this cancer doesn't look anyone in the face. I hope she'll be alright. God help us all. My thoughts and prayers are always with all of you. Hugs, Marie


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    Dear Marie,
    You are most certaintly right about this disease not caring about whose face it is and that is sad for anyone....most especially those of us who don't have the resourses such as a famous personality.. Good to see you posting! I have'nt seen you on the board in a long time! How are you doing? I continue to pray for all of us and that includes you too. I hope all is well with you...... I am hanging in there ny the Grace Of God........ Be Blessed Love Cathy
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    Hi Marie, I had just read that on CNN,she is only 29 and also has Crohn's desease. Never heard of her before, she must be popular in Europe.??
    Take care, thinking of Emmi