Wow 2 years almost

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It has almost been two years since I found this site and the support of wonderful women. This is truly the place I come to lay down my soul. Chat seems to bring new people aboard if one just sat in there while they were hanging around checking things out here at the site. That is if you wanted or needed to talk. Not always the most user friendly and very slow but it works and I am very thankful for that. I have made it through some very difficult times and no so sure I could of without knowing there was a place for me.
I hope you all have benefited as much as I have all these months, sometimes dumping all I have felt. I have changed allot over these years finding new ways to look at how I do things. With talking to others I have been able to broaden my spectrum and led me to places I have never been. Cancer changed me but it has been the years of survival that have really made me look at myself and truly see where I am going and WANT to be.
We can only be there now when we accept instantly our moment-by-moment emotional experience.
Gita Bellin