Hope Through Cancer Trials

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Thanks to the guys at CSN you can now come join us in chat by direct link from my CSN website. We usually chat at 10:00 AM and 10:00 PM CST.
Just go to Hummingbyrd's Website and click

Hope Through Cancer Trials,

then click the

'MessageBoard/Chat' link.

We call it hope through cancer trials because that is exactly what we feel we have found. Cancer is the trial of a lifetime. If you are feeling scared and confused, need answers or support, then come chat with women who have survived or are in the midst of the battle. You will find friends here and see that you are not alone, there is hope!


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    Dear Huumingbyrd,
    I would do just that, but I have to browse because evrytime I do a search I get a... We're sorry but no results and try spelling or a different link type message. It makes me feel as if I am totally illiterate or something.... Which is why I am so frustrated either with this site or myself!
    Gods Love Always For All
    Love Cathy
    PS I mentioned this before when I posted the GOOD, bsd and ugly.