recurrence of lung cancer

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I am a 58 year old female. I was first diagnosed with adenocarcinoma July 2000. I had a left lung lobectomy, followed by six weeks of radiation because some lymph nodes were positive. Another lesion was found in summer 2001 in my right lung and that was surgically removed. A Pet Scan in Fall of 2001 showed more suspicious areas and I had chemotherapy every three weeks for six rounds. I finished that last Feb. I am FINALLY just beginning to get some energy back and my last Pet shows two more areas in my lungs probably malignant. There has been no spread to other areas or the mediastinum. My oncologist says chemo is in order again. the thought of surgery for the porto-cath and going thru this again makes me want to cry. Is there anybody who can share some of their experiences with me? I am so discouraged. If I am going to die of this disease I really would rather enjoy some of the time I have left. Any kind of encouragement would be greatly appreciated. Schuyler


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    Schuyler, has your oncologist ever discussed iressa with you? There is a great website ALCASE, it is filled with stories and a message board of lung cancer survivors. People that have survived through surgery, and continue to survive with chemo, etc. There is much information and support there. You might want to check it out. My experience is limited to my dad (NSCLC, extensive stage) but alcase has many different experiences and is very inspiring. My dad took Maitake mushroom during chemo, and added flax seed to his diet (he sprinkled it on cereal) these were supposed to help with the side effects of chemo, and he faired very well. He underwent two very aggressive types of chemo (the first was a platnum based chemo 3 days a week 5hr rounds every 3 weeks. The second was taxotere). He had few side effects, mostly a metalic taste in his mouth and he would get a bit tired. Other than that, he was able to live a pretty active life. I've also heard of seasilver helping, but have no personal experience with it. Hope this is of some help. Take care, and keep us posted. Deb
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    Hi Schuyler, I am so sorry to hear of your reoccurance. I don't know how to help other than to tell you to keep fighting and that I will pray for you that you respond well to treatment.This is the most cursed disease that anyone can have because it is silent in its movement. If I can help in anyway just let me know how. Mike
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    Hi Schuyler, sorry to hear about your recurrence of this nasty stuff. I too have had lung cancer twice once in 1987 (adenocarcinoma) and again in 1991 (large cell carcinoma) I didn't have any treatment. I'm sure if I had the same thing now they would at least follow up with a round of chemo. They gave me a 13%chance to live. I have had no problems with cancer since 1991, and live a fairly healthy life. So if they think another round of chemo is what will help you beat this awful but silent (sometimes) disease go for it. we that have read your message will pray you through it. I really think that Prayers is what got me through it. You hang in there and don't give up you have come too far. YOU CAN DO THIS.
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