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I'm a health psychology graduate student researcher looking at cancer treatments. I was curious if anyone could attest to a phenomenon known as a "signal effect" where individuals undergoing cancer treatments view side effects as a signal that the treament is working. basically, has anyone had the experience that side effects made you feel as if the treatment was working before you could get any objective feedback to tell you whether or not there was a reduction or elimination of tumors? any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


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    hello researcher, first I myself am insulted that you would even come to this sight for research. How is this to help anyone suffering from the psychological or physical effects of this disease or the treatments from it? I myself was so sick from the treatments that I almost wanted to die and even thought that I was dying. What don't you get? The person is so ill there is no feeling of a turning point , just a lost and hopeless feeling of illness. When you start to get better it is so slow you hardly realize the change. Mike