BREAST and BONE Cancer

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Hi my name is Cindy I am 45 years old. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Oct.28,2002 also many lymphnodes involved. My cancer has now spread to my bones. I will be starting chemo this week. Need to talk and get support from others who have been diagnosed with similar cancers!!!
Thanks and many prayers.............


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    Hi Cindy, I don't have bone cancer, just breast cancer but wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and will keep you in my prayers. I had a mastectomy in 98, six month of chemo, reconstruction (tram flap)1999, lumpectomy (new cancer)2002, 34 radiation treatments and again 6 month of chemo. I am doing fine. My believe in God, a positive attitude and a strong will to live keeps me going. I hope you do the same. Don't let this get you down. You will make it through this crisis. All of us here are survivors and will help you. Just keep us posted. If you would like more info re;chemo can reach me at [email protected]
    Take care and God bless you.
    Love Emmi
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    Hi Angel, welcome to the site, you'll find lots of support, love and wonderful friends on this site. I'm 41, I was diagnosed June 2000, had a lumpectomy (4cm) and 13/27+ lymph nodes. In May 2001 it had metastasized to my right arm, August my left breast, Sept my low back. Bones radiated, left breast lumpectomy.
    Most important thing I can say is your days are #'ed by the Lord already, this diagnosis DID NOT change that, not by one single day! My point is when the docs try to tell you how long you have don't listen! They don't know, if it were up to my docs I'd died before I finished chemo. The pathologist told me 'you read about aggressive tumors like this, but I never thought I'd know somebody with one'. How's that for encouragement? LOL I just said, "well, when I'm healed it will just be that much more glory to God!" That was June 2000, praise God I'm still here.
    I have a website I'd like you to visit it's:

    you have to type it in the address bar to get there(not big enough to find on search engine yet). I think it will help you, it'll give you something to read cause I'm kinda wordy, if you hadn't noticed. Feel free to email me and we'll chat. This is beatable, but you got to give it to God and get rid of the fear! I'll be praying for you. God bless. hummingbyrd

    Dear Lord, I thank you for sending Cindy to this site. I know everything that happens is for a reason. I pray now that you would reveal that reason to us, let us know how to glorify You Lord through this illness. I also ask Father that You would wrap your loving arms around Cindy, pull her close to you, let her feel your peace and relieve her of all fear. Pour out your mercy and grace on this woman and her family. Give them all the strength and confidence that they need to face this trial. Let them know Lord that You are with them and that through You all things are possible. Give her doctors the wisdom to treat her with just the right combination and amount of drugs to heal her. Above all let her embrace You and rest easy in knowing You are the Greatest Physician of All, and that your will is the perfect will. These things I ask of You in Your Son's name. Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Amen.
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    Hi Cindy, I'm orginally from NJ too, Paterson. I now live in Italy. I'm 45 years old, just had my birthday on the 1st and had a mastectomy in Feb.2000. I'll be going for my yearly check-up soon. Be strong because chemo is hard but it has to be done to survive. Then you'll laugh about it years later how funny you looked with a bald head etc. Important thing is that you get through this rough period and know you have friends here who'll always understand and support you. Count on us. I'll be praying for you and if you need a friend please feel free to e-mail any time. [email protected] O.K? Love and hugs, Marie
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    Hi Cindy, I was diagnosed with breast ca in 1989 and had modified radical mastectomy. No recontructive surgery. Then in 1998 was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. I share Your feelings of discovering another cancer area. I have fought and survived both cancers so far. I have been fortunate that my only treatment has been Tamoxifen. My prayers and positive energy goes out to you. God bless and keep you and your family in his loving arms. You are not alone in this battle. Feel free to communicate with me at any time. I live just across the state line in PA. sandee
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    I am sorry you have to join us but you have come to a very good place with very carring women. I know women who were told by their doctors that there wasn't anything they could do for them, just to go home and get their lives in order. They sought second opinions in the same cancer clinic and found that there were options available, sometimes even trials going on. Many live good quality lives and who knows for how long. I think sometimes we take put more emphasis on this disease than we do in our day to day lives. Living in the here and now certainly uncomplicates things and maybe helps us to see more clearly not so much to occupy our minds.
    Be good to yourself first,
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    Dear Cindy:
    I never like to hear about another cancer diagnosis, but when it happens we all want to support each other. I was diagnosed in May of 2000 with an aggressive breast cancer that had already spread through the lymph nodes to my bones and liver. I thought I was a goner for sure and would never see another Christmas. I wasn't eligible for surgery since the cancer cells had already spread (wouldn't do any good). My cancer reacted to the chemo and other drugs they gave me by shrinking 80%. The ones in my liver have disappeared, but the bones still have a few - especially one in the lower back. I am taking Zometa - which is a monthly infusion (I.V.) specifically for the bone mets. I am not having any pain at all right now, and am thankful for each day the Good Lord lets me enjoy and be able to do as well as I do. I pray for your remission and much better health.
    If you look up metastasized bone cancer, you will find it is a different disease from originating bone cancer - that is where the cancer begins in the bone. A friend of mine has only had the bone mets to fight(no sign of cancer elsewhere since her mastecdomy) for over 7 years. She does have a lot of pain at times, but she is doing so well, and living her life to the fullest. She is my inspiration. May God bless you.
    Sincerely, Brenda