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I had my right lung lower lobe removed in Sept 2002. No chemo or radiation required. I had a CT scan for another reason (which turned out fine)and that was when Stage 1 non small cell tumor was discovered. An enormous concern for me is that both my sister (not dead 2 years) and my mom were both diagnosed with lung cancer at age 61 and both died at age 62. I just turned 60 and have had this idea that I too would have the same outcome. Needless to say, I believe I have been spared for a reason (perhaps never to find out). I would appreciate any response. I live in a suburb of Minneapolis and will join a support group this Wednesday. But I believe I am obsessing (with good reason). Thanks


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    From the research I have done, when someone has NSCLC limited stage, and is able to have surgery the outcome is much much better. I am sorry to hear about your parents. When their cancer was found where they in the advanced stage? I'm guessing that surgery wasn't an option for either of them. I used to visit another web site, lung cancer message board, and it was amazing the number of long term survivors that had similar cases to yours (including the genetic aspect). So try to enjoy, I'm sure the fear is always kind of there, but the fact that surgery was possible is excellent!!! It's important to be checked regularly, just in case, but if surgery were at all possible for my dad, I'd be feeling much much better about his outcome. Still, he's fairing ok, and we try to keep up on things as far as treatments, etc.. :) Take care, Deb
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    Hi CarolaBen, I have had 1/2 of my left lung removed in 1987 from Adenocarcinoma and in 1991 I had a little better than 1/4th of my right lung removed from Large cell carcinoma. I was 53 when all this started and I'm 68 now and in quite good health. I didn't have any treatment either. No one on either side of my family had lung cancer but my brother died about 3 yrs. ago from colon cancer that they didn't find until it was in his liver and lung. I'm not sure about genetics. I just know that if you go every time for your check up that they are more likely to find it early and can do something about it. Thats how they found my last bout with cancer was with a routine x ray.
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