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Dear Sister,
I just read your prayer on the message board and I am so touched by the spirit right now that I am not afraid at this moment. I guess that is why { or at least part of it} that you are on the 1st 1 on my friends list. I do have more friends, nut at this moment in time you seem to be the one I feel more spiritually connected to on this site. I also think of Maggs alot and Mary, oh there are so many others I can think of and do all the time. I pray for all of us constantly.
However my sister you pray so much like I do and many others I know outside of this network{ u no the world} actually the church I attend. Although I am to go into the hospital on Sunday I still plan on going to church 1st. and absolutely nothing will stop me....... I love You In Jesus Name & For Being YOU!!!!!!
Gods Grace Love & Peace & Joy
Love Cathy
PS: I am never going to quit praying for others on this site and I come against this All in JESUS NAME! LET THE GOD IN ME TRAMPLE SATAN UNDER MY FEET.....THE BIBLE SAYS.......Love You ALL


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    YOU GO GIRL, now that's what I like to see A SPIRIT FILLED WOMAN! Praise God your battle is ALREADY WON! Keep it up and we'll keep sending up the prayers. Satan in God's name take a hike, the women on this site are standing on a solid rock with no room for shifting sand!