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Prayers are needed ladies for so many of us on this site right now. Course this should be of no surprise, we all need prayers continuously! I'd like to ask for everyone who sees this to say a prayer for our sisters in need. God bless. hummb

Dear Heavenly Father, You know our needs before they are even spoken, even before we know them. I simply want to thank You tonight for all of the many blessings You have bestowed upon all of us. You are constantly pouring out Your mercy and grace on all of us...sometimes we forget to just come to You and thank You, not asking anything in return. I'd like to say I'm doing that tonight, but You know my heart, therefore You know I am asking on bended knee, humble of heart, for You to surround everyone of us on this site with Your angels of mercy and healing. I plead with You Lord, to put Your hand on us and keep the evil one away. Give us all the strength that we need to remain full of hope, peace and faith, that whatever happens You are in control, and that is what is so important. Remind us Lord that all of our days are numbered, and only You know our day. Same as with everybody, cancer or not. We are asking for the strength to make the most of each day and always, remission or not, live it for what it possibly is...the last day of our life. Not one of use is promised tomorrow. I rebuke Satan in Your name Lord, I tell Him by Your power, he is to get under our feet, he has no hold over us. We are Your children and he CANNOT scare us with death, because to die for You God is to live for Christ. May we never forget that, and may we glorify You God each and every day! and live each day without fear because as Your children we have nothing to fear. Let us rejoice in this day for it is a day that You have made, oh Lord God Almighty! In Christ' name I pray. Amen.


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    As always, you have prayed beautifully and I am
    uplifted by your prayer! Thank you for including ALL of us in this prayer--I know I needed it! Blessings and thanks, Hummb. Maggs