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How about trying the chat room out Saturday? I see tony already had the guys working on the email so lets give the chat room a run for its money! I'll set 2 times, Sat AM say 10:00 CST and Sat PM @ 9:00 CST. Hope some of you can make it, God bless. hummb


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    Dear Hummingbyrd.
    I can't seem to navigate my way around here much lately and the reason is I've been having some pretty bad seizures. So the Drs have put me on a huge dose of neurontin and it messes up my head really bad. Please pray for me I need it and I am so scared I have it in my brain at this moment. I go back into the hospital Sunday 5th. I need prayer that this is just a anomoly that won't occur again. How are You? I hope well! Well I gotta go lay down but I will be back to check to see if you are in the chatroom 2 nite.
    Gods Grace & Peace
    Love Cathy