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First of all May Rhis New Year give you Health Happiness and ALL THE JOY CHRIST GIVES THROUGH THE HOLY SPIRIT while still Earthbound.
Secondly do you know how I can email your webpage on this network so I can email my actual email that I use all the time, because I got a whole lot of junkmail from posting it and my blocker is full to capacity max 250 and so on and so on........ If not post me and I'll through caution to the wind.... I put you on my friends list although I consider you my sister in Christ.. I also think your gifts compliment this whole network.... About my Friends or Other Sisters on the site..... Guys, I'm working on it as fast as I can...... Love You All
Love You Hummingbyrd
Love Cathy


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    Thanks cathy, you are just too sweet! This site is a blessing to me, because of all of you!
    May you have a Happy Blessed New Year too!
    Now if you'll look at the icons below this message there is a envelope (I think) or a hand, anyway click the icon that says 'these icons mean' LOL one is for email, my name should come up if not just enter it send me your real email, it will be safe, no one else has access to our email except CSN admin and I doubt they care! LOL then I'll email you from msn and invite you to chat, you have to sign in, but for me it was free and the invite says its free. It's really cool, when a friend gets on line and you're on line they can send you a message that pops up and makes a noise and if you want to chat, well off you go. I still want to keep this site to post messages on, but the chat room has too many bugs. Anyway see if you can email me! Hugs and prayers. hummb