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Please accept my apology for being so slow to respond in the chatroom last night. I became so agitated at the slow response of the submitting my responses, and you guys were doing much better with it than I......Needless to say I finally get in a chatroom and I could not chat with a couple of truelly special people. Suffice it to say I guess I need to pray for even more patience.
Forgive Me
Gods Love and Peace
Love Cathy


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    Hey Cathy, don't worry about it. I got booted off the darn thing I bet 20 times! It was frustrating. I'll report it to the webmaster. In the mean time, if you want to, email me your real email address and I'll invite you to msn messanger. I invited kelli, betty and mickey. I figure we can post here and chat there at least till they get the bugs worked out. MSN is free and it notifies you by instant messanger if a friend comes on line. Let me know if you're interested or if you have a better suggestion. Missed not being able to chat tonite! God bless. hummb