I'm not sure{phyliss}?

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This is to whomever emailed me in my personal email at [email protected] .... Somehow or another I accidently lost your address and I wanted to let you know that I would be more than happy to talk so please email me again and I will make sure I don't misfile you. Sometimes the meds I take on those rare occasions I have to mess me up a bit. I remember reading it and I accidently put another address in my contact list.
I have been praying for your daughter and you as well. It is really hard when you have a family member who is sick and you really are having a hard time of it yourself. I know this well, because I have been on the other side of this disease myself. I hope you see this post because I really want to talk to you and once again apologise for messing up your address. I am not normally that out of it, but it appears I probably was the other night,because the folowing morning I had a whole bunch of nasty stuff in my inbox...... You can jusy imagine my shock and horror!!!!!
Gods Grace Love Joy & Peace For You
Love Cathy

PS Please contact me asap because I really would love to talk to you and help in any way I can.