Holiday Wishes

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Family and friends become so much more special than work and worries when you've faced what we've all faced. Don't let the cancer destroy the love and hope within us all. I wish for you, my sisters, a holiday season that draws you closer to our Lord Jesus Christ and a time to share your hearts with those who mean the most to you. Have a blessed Christmas and a happy, HEALTHY new year!
Love to all,


  • jbeardslee
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    Thanks Jayne. Your message says it all. Take care and have a Happy and Holy Holiday Season. jbeardslee
  • ktinkey
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    Merry Christmas Jayne,

    All I can say to that message is AMEN. Wishing you all the best in 2003.

    God Bless,
  • hummingbyrd
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    Blessed Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year to you too, Jayne! Thanks and God bless. hummb

  • maggs
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    Happy Holidays, everyone, no matter which one you are celebrating! It is SNOWING here in Maryland. Beautiful for the kids and visitors! HAPPY DAY!