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I have been away form the web site for a few weeks and now we seem to have a new format. I have not decided yet if I am smart enough to figure it out...LOL>> Anyway, Im glad to be back online, my computer at home crashed and burned so now all i have is work computer, which i hardly have time to use for coming here. I made time today,, mostly to say hello, and happy holidays to everyone.
I see more new people and well send my thoughts and prayers thier way as well as all the ''old'' ones.
I am personaly doing fine, I am having some pain in my right leg, which of course I am in fear of, but then again every ache and pain scares me.

Ok-time is up and duty calls. I hope santa stuffs me a new computer in my stocking this Christmas..LOL. guess I haven't been THAT Good!

Love to all who enter here!


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    Hi bullfrog, I'm hummingbyrd, it's nice to have you back. I'm relatively new, got on in Oct I think, and just love it. The ladies here are so supportive!
    Yes, we have had a face lift, they are still 'working out the bugs'. It's thrown us all for a loop too, but the've made a lot of great changes, that we requested, since the BIG change. It takes a little getting used to, but overall I think in the end the site will be better for it. Hey, kinda like we are when we go through treatment, its hard, but when its all said and done we come out blessed, eh?
    Gotta run, hope santa brings you a PC!
    God bless. hummb