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Hi Geral:

Just tried to go back into e-mail to correct an error and can't get back in!

When you read your e-mail, the web site SHOULD be:

So sorry...I happened to be up late and guess what...also out to lunch!!! Ha. Hope it's helpful.

Love, light and laughter,


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    Hi Ellie!

    I got your 12/16 e-mail! Thanx SO much for the helpful info. I'm anxious to call the cancer center, but it's too late tonite. I'll call them tomorrow!

    I'll also try the Vitamin E oil on my incision scar.

    I tried to e-mail you, but couldn't get it to work. (I had just finished e-mailing Tony to let him know that I got your 12/16 e-mail successfully. Now, I've gotta e-mail him & tell him mine doesn't work! Poor guy...he must have ALOT of patience dealing with us gals! HA!

    Thanx again! I'll let you know what I find out.

    Take care...