The Sat nite chat!

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Thanks for joining me in the chat room SnoBunny, you to kelli. I had a great time, oh yeah betty and wallpa. But next time wallpa at least tell us what channel SNL is on before you just up and leave! LOL 'm' you left too soon, wish you could have hung around for the fun. e-mail me OK?
Sno, thanks for the advice, I prayed and before I could say 'do you...' I felt Him lift me off the bed and wrap His arms around me! It was the most love filled hug I'd ever had! I don't care even if it does sound crazy.
It's no crazier than what my life has been the past 6-7 years, and at least this was a 'good...great!' crazy. God bless you, love and hugs for all. hummb