Life After Treatment: Getting on with It

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General open ended question:
How's it going?
Almost a year after treatment for Hodgkin's 2b
at age 41, I am finding it difficult to get my life going again. Integrating the new post cancer me into "regular" life while honoring the changes I've experienced is hard.
All thoughts welcome about this specifically or on the topic in general.
Thank you very much. :-)


  • crtsang
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    I'm now two years after treatment and I think I'm finally settling down with it. It IS hard.

    I don't think much any more about the changes I've experienced, because at some point I decided they're really part of me anyway. That doesn't mean I never revisit my experience, of course. There are times I find it very helpful to go back over it with my therapist, as my feelings about it, and the feelings it left, work through different levels--if that makes any sense.
    On the whole, I'm doing pretty well, I think, though I'm still very paranoid about any health issue. BTW I'm 49 now (and glad to be).

    Anybody else?

  • dpomroy
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    I'm 5 months post bone marrow transplant for refractory Hodgkins. I found myself in the very strange position of having to prepare for the possibility of dying but also that of fighting to live. I found that it was impossible for me to do both simultaneously! I'm having a tough time adjusting my thinking. I am afraid to believe that I am OK, because I don't want to do all that emotional hard stuff all over again; but I'm also afraid to believe I'm not OK because then I'd have more physical hard stuff ahead of me. I'm thinking I need to just give myself more time. I'm hoping that the farther away from the transplant I get the more I will feel like jumping back into life with both feet.