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Hello Ladies,
I hope this post finds all in good spirits! If not, just tie a bigger knot and hang on for the ride of your life. The reason I say this is because Jesus is moving in the most powerfull way in all our lives. Especially mine lately!!!!! For example, I am in touch with my Son and I'm also staying with my sister untill my housing becomes available! What more could I possibly ask for?
Not much right now, and this all happened because of my Lord and King whom I confess with my mouth and fingers JESUS! Anyway I guess what I am trying to say is all are possible with Him! Everything I am is for Him! You have to be God minded as much as you can and His purpose for you is a prelude to the Glory Of The Lord! On that day; Iwant to hear Him say........Well Done.... What more is there to add that can compare to the power of those words.
Gods Grace, Peace & Love
Surround YOU and YOURS
This Holiday Love Catherine


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    Cathy your news is wonderful, I'm so happy for you. God is moving in miraculous ways in our lives. I know I feel very blessed to have witnessed recent miracles myself, most recently in the recovery of Deuce, (the 3 y/o who almost died). The MDs at TX Children's Hospital are calling his recovery "Divine intervention". That's a miracle right there! LOL
    God bless and happy holidays! hummb
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    Hi, Cathy! I am so happy for you! Family is really something to be treasured. I am glad your son and sister are there for you.

    May God continue to bless you! Keep in touch.

    Love ya,