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To all of My sisters:
I have been to the initial appointment with my gyn doctor and he agrees. I have cysts on my right ovary he cant tell whether they are calcified or fibriodal. So the next step is sonagram of my reproductive system I told him i wanted the cysts out. So the final step will be determing wheather or not a hysterectomy is in my future. I explained to the doctor what Charlie and I wanted and he fully understood. It just now a determination of which way to go. We are however struggling to get this done in the next week because of Charlie's cruise schedule. So keep us in your prayers and prayer for Charlie to stay calm cool and collected during this time. I love you all and thanks in advance for all your prayers thoughts and Have a happy holiday




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    Good to chat w/ you kelli, glad you're doing better. Prayers are going out now for both of you. God bless. hummb
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    Dear Kellie,
    Ypu have all my prayers and the support the Lord brings when we ask. So all I can do is to become a vessel to ask in His Name.... The ultimate will of God is in those who believe in Him.
    I believe you do and His will is going to be in your favor. He just truelly loves those who believe in His power to heal, and never give up in spite of odds stacked against them. I believe this is when He is all the more powerfull in our lives. He will never let you down, just put all your faith in Him and the rest will follow you!
    Gods Love Grace Peace
    Love Cathy
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    Dear Kelli:
    I will be praying that you make the right decisions in all that you do, and that you will always pray to God to show you the right way to go. It can be overwhelming sometimes when you are on this journey, so we need the prayers of our friends and loved ones to help us. God bless you.
    Hugs, Brenda