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At the risk of knocking the order of the messageboard out of wack, I feel the need to share with you Ladies..... I am still having a heck of a time getting this whole format down right.
For example, I can email on certain days and on others {last night} NOTHING!!!! So I am trying to be patient and I want you to know that I'm not ignoring you at all. Just having a dickens of a time with this all.
I also need to say that I am praying for all, and I hope we all have a Blessed Holiday! Never forget the reason for the season!!!!! This is recognition of the Birth of the Son of God, and sometimes we forget that because of various reasons; Kids, Personal gain...... It really makes me think of the people who really need to know that Jesus Loves Them, myself included! Anyway I am rambling again and I don't want to start the day off on shouldas, couldas, wouldas!
Love You ALL
Gods Love and Peace
Love Cathy


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    Hey Cathy, hope you are having an easier time w/ the web site. The CSN gang has been working really hard to iron out the bugs. I'm much happier w/ the format today!
    If you're still having problems go to the CSN Admin discussion board. Tell them the problem and they will take care of it, if they can.

    Also wanted to wish you happy holidays - it's Happy Birthday to The King!
    Remember Mary/Christ/Mashiyach (Hebrew for Messiah) or as we say (Merry Christmas)
    God bless. hummb