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Girls, I need your help now please. A friend of mine has a 3 year old w/ severe immune deficiency (bubble boy). He has done well all this time, but MDs kept insisting he have transplant. They have given him 3 types of chemo over the past 6 days. Now he's having an allergic reaction to it. Breathing heavy, respirations 100 x per minute, normal is 20. Heart rate is 160-200 beats per minute. He needs prayers now, please. I'm begging you. hummb

Dear Lord God, please put your hands on Deuce and heal him now Lord. Reverse the damage being done by the chemotherapy and the doctors. Please surround him with your angels of mercy and healing. Pour out your grace on him and his family Lord. Give the doctors the wisdom to undo the problems they have created. Let this child breathe easily, clear his lungs and steady his heart. Protect his kidneys Lord as this chemical is being cleared from his little body. Let no damage be done to his liver nor his brain from medication or lack of oxygen. Please Lord I beg of You, that it be Your will to heal Deuce. Give his mother strength and the faith in You, while she faces this alone, knowing that everything is done according to Your will and that is the perfect will. Please wrap her in Your loving arms and give her a peace and hope that surpasses anything else on this earth. Lord, I rebuke Satan, in Your name, telling him to leave that hospital room, get under Stephanie's feet and away from that child. Put Your hand on both of them Lord and keep them protected. You are the Greatest Physician of them all, and we give You all the honor and glory for everything You do. Thank you Lord for all our many blessings. Let Your will be done. I pray for these things, on bended knee, humble of heart asking for Your mercy now for Deuce. I ask this prayer in Your Son's name, Jesus Christ, our blessed Savior. Amen


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    Dear Hummb,
    With all my heart I send healing energy, light and prayers for little Deuce to be well. My the Eternal One lift the burdens off this family and bring wellness, laughter and surround them with the support they need and love. Amen