Just learned I have B/C on 8 Nov

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Gettine neo adjuvent chemo first anybody listening had that


  • maryh
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    Hello, Copper. Sorry to hear about your cancer! If this new site format is working correctly, it says that you have had no replys to your posting. This is extremely unusual. Please do not give up on the site. There is tremendous help here. It's just a busy time of the year!

    I am one of the really fortunate survivors... 17 month survivor! There was no spread of my cancer so I did not have chemo or radiation! So I guess I can not help you with any details. Just stay positive and keep checking the site.

    God Bless!
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    Dear cooper,
    Hi, Im sorry you are dealing with all this. I have been out of the web site for while, coz my computer is crashed at home. I didnt get much detail from your short posting, but would be happy to chat with you online or email you.. just drop me an email. I'll be out of the office until Jan. 6, 2003, but will response with anything that I can do to help you.
    Take CAre
    happy holidays
    [email protected]