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hi in katabo here and have experienced the same frustration as there has been a recent change to this site.hopefully they will get the gliches out soon. but i want to say im sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis , and you are probably feeling alot of fear and unsureness as i did. i used the asc at top of page to contact professionals for responses on my treatments and medications they were helpful for me. hope to see you again hang in there. hugs to you ([email protected] for instant messenger)..............katabo


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    welcome snobunny, sorry its under these circumstances, you will find a lot of wonderful ladies on this site who will help you get through the tough times. Sorry too about condition of site, just went under renovation and we're all a little confused. Post a note if you want to chat and a time. I have one scheduled tonite at 10:30 CST. You can find chat room by highlighting 'Discussions and Chat' page. (Over in left hand column of this page) then click on CSN Chat. Hope to meet you there. God bless and have faith! hummingbyrd