Audio Freebie CD's and Tapes

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Ask you Doctors to ask their reps for the Free Chemo and Rad Therapy tapes (CD's) to help you get through the rigors of treatment. These sell for $12.98 at Barnes & Noble. Also, GloxoSmithKline Onocology (makers of Zofran) have Chemotherapy CD's which they will give you (normally these would cost $17.98). In January, the Otho Biotech's (makers of Procrit) have a new Chemo Care Kit for patients which will include Relaxation and Wellness tapes, a head set, streess ball, magnet and recipe cards. All just for the asking. Those of you experiencing Rheumatoid Arthritis know that Amgen is giving away a tape to patients who've enrolled in their program 3-6 months after they've been taking Keneret. That tape would normally cost you $12.98. These gifts from the Pharmas is another way of promoting their products, so just know you must ask for these items.
Good luck.
Hugs, Iris