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I just wanted to let you guys know that I am having the hardest time responding to emails. I keep getting messages that my search was unsuccesfull. I don't even know if I will ne able to post this on the board. Maggs, I wanted you to know that I got your email and I tried to respond with no success. I am definately praying for you, and I will never stop praying for all of you guys. I feel as if you are all Sisters that the Lord gifted me with and I hope you feel the same!
Gods Grace Love and Peace
Love Cathy


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    Hi Sevey -- I'm sorry you're having trouble with the email. The way it *should* work is:
    1. Read the email that you've received, and then you click on "reply" (will be up there next to the person's name who sent you the email, i.e. fishpie).
    2. Then you will see a new email window with the recipient's user name already filled in (i.e. fishpie) and a text box to add other names, too if you want.
    3. The "Subject" line will not be filled in (it's a known bug that we're working on), so you will need to type something in that box.
    4. Type your message and click "Preview" when you've finished.
    5. You will see your message, have a chance to review it, and if it's what you want -- click "Mail it!"

    I hope this helps a little. Please try and participate in the chat on Monday and bring your concerns with you. Take care. -- fishpie