Ice Storms

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Hi everyone I've just experienced my first ice storm, we don't get them in the UK. We had no power or phone for 2 days. It was not a lot of fun but things seem to be back to normal.
I've had my first 6 months checks from my oncologist and my surgeon and everything is fine, phew. Next week I see my plastic surgeon to let him know what I've decided about my nipple! Think I'll go for tattoo only. I'll let you know what I decide. Hope everyone is doing fine
Love Liza


  • geral
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    Hi Liza!
    ...Congrats on your good ckup!
    ...Thanx for your weather report-it's interesting to hear about the UK. I live in Richmond, Virginia, USA. We also had an ice storm. Fortunately, I did not lose power, but many people in the states of Virginia and North Carolina (east coast) did.
    Take care,