Thanks from Marty

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Egad! How much further can the site tread into alien territory here?!? Like we need a big change in our comfort spot, eh? *cocks head*

Anyway- Thanks all for your kind words and thoughts. 3 days after the "mystery of the black thigh" and it looks and feels normal. *puzzled look* Nobody can figure it out.
For those wondering if we made it to my last chemo session- NOPE! *laughs* We were stranded on the highway for hours and there was NO way I was going to do anything but go home after that!
We are a wee bit bruised but Arnica is doing wonders for both of us... Still waiting on the call to see if the Jeep was totalled.
Hmmm... I am not sure I want to do the 6th chemo.. so many things have given me pause, in regards to taking it... Dean keeps calling to ask if I've rescheduled yet. Told him that he'd have to drag me in! Then told him I'd talk with the Onc. but he couldn't get me near the nurse... she's the one who hooks me up (via my port). My strength and energy are high- Dean's got a bit of a fight on his hands! *wink* We shall see...

As to my writing, *curtsies for the compliment*- I love to write and recently a letter to the editor in the local paper was published as a "guest column"... it was in regard to my experience w/BC & pregnancy, etc. Had lots of good response to it.. perhaps I should send a copy on to this place?

Be well all! Hugs all 'round!!