Beating the odds

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I'm a 'stage 4' myself, I'd be 6 feet under by now if my MDs had it there way. No joke, not that they wish me any harm, but one surgeon said "IF you make it through chemo you need to have a bilat mastectomy." Encouraging statement 1 week after diagnosis. Happy to say that was June 2000. Sad to say he was right about the IF you make it through chemo, not because of cancer, but because they overdosed me and I got bronchitis and almost died. 'Kill the cancer, not the host please.' Anyway point is we are people, not just statistics. Just because we are a certain stage doesn't mean a thing to me, so Tara I hope you know I was just teasing when I said 'don't say terminal!' I often suffer from 'foot in mouth disease' even on the net! LOL Now that's bad. Enough rambling, good nite and God bless. hummb