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Hello all!

Yesterday (Sunday) was started with the sheer terror of my right thigh turning black/purple whilst I was showering. A visit to the emergency room, ultrasound and the Doctor's "Hmmm, odd."... Not terribly reassuring but we were eventually released and told to rest until the Oncologist saw me for my last chemo treatment today.

Today didn't get any better.

It's been snowing since 6.30-ish this morn'. It's slick out there. People were slipping and sliding, panicking all the way while we were driving to the closing on a refinancing this morn'. I narrowly avoided being broadsided **3** times this morn! Eeek!

Then........... off to Royal Oak for my last chemo treatment which I was not really sure about taking. All manner of odd things have come up to scare me off of it!
About an hour into our drive on a 8 lane highway (our side seperated from the other 4 lanes by a cement wall, thankfully) we saw a woman sliding sideways across the 4 lanes to land right in front of us. We were going about 40mph and there was no way to stop, too slick. SCREEEECHBOOOOOOOOOOMCRUUUUUUNCHBANGSLIDETHUUUUUMP! Accompanied by Dean's string of profanity....
Airbags everywhere. Heat, chemical stench, pain, fear.... I looked immediately to Dean. The airbags hadn't even started to deflate and we were checking on each other.... Major bruising to my knees and thighs, ringing eardrum from the explosion of the airbags, bruising to his left knee. Aches and such, nothing bad though!!! Can you believe?!?!? The driver of the car we nailed had a sore shoulder. Wow, with loads of traffic and just the 2 vehicles were involved!
We were very, very, very, very, very lucky. We rebounded off of that afforementioned wall and stayed in the far left lane. We believe the Jeep is totalled... But we are doing pretty well. Sore but good.

Really... *innocent look* I was trying to be good!!!

We'll see what's next!! *grin*

Be well all!!! Drive safely and all that drivel... though as we have seen today, it's all up to fate and the gods, eh? *smiles*



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    I am so glad you and hubby are ok I always wondered what it was like with those FN airbags, guess I know now at your expense. For that I am sorry. Hope the hubby is ok and thank goodness no others plowed into you both. Hope your leg is better, What the heck was it??
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    Marty, Marty, Marty..... you live a very exiting life, seems there is never a dull moment. Glad you are Ok and your hubby too. We got your snow now here, 1 foot so far and still coming down. Like you said, everyone is slipping and sliding all over. Got to be careful. Did you get your last chemo treatment???? How's your leg? You have to start taking it a bit easy now..... BE GOOD.. I hope all is well, god bless , hugs Emmi
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    Wow Marty - so glad that you and your husband
    weren't hurt badly. Now, try really hard to be boring for awhile
    Peace - Diane
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    I DO SAY, MARTY!!! You must have both been terrified there for a few minutes. See, the gods are smiling upon you, after all!

    Your attitude never ceases to amaze me!

    Was your vehicle driveable after the accident? If so, did you continue on to Royal Oaks? If so, did your doc think having the treatment anyway was a good idea?
    I can imagine that your nerves were certainly still jangling, to say the very least!

    The really compounding factor here is that you got more bruises on your was the doc able to tell which had appeared before the accident. If so, what was the thinking about what had caused it?

    It occurs to me that hubby and yourself need a few days at home just to recuperate and rest up! A good time to just let the world go right past for a day or two??? Ha. The MAIN thing is that you're both ok! I liked the part about you two peeking out of the air bags to check on one another. Hope you'll keep that one in your journal for posterity!

    Hope the soreness is gone soon. If you've got access to some kind of massager and/or a whirlpool bath, that may help accelerate the process a bit.

    Keep us posted and my best to your brave hubby.

    Love, light and laughter,
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    Marty your crazy (and I mean that in a nice way) sorry to hear about your accident and I hope you both are ok. I have to admit you do tell a good story! I couldn't help but laugh, it was funny (the way you told it), but not funny. You know what I mean? You should consider writing if you don't already. God bless, well He already has, but may He continue to do so, hummb.