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I would love to hear from any HER+ breast cancer patients who have used Herceptin. Would it be advisable for everyone? I know that is a broad question but any info you have on HER+ recovery stories with or without Herceptin would be appreciated. Also, has anyone taken chemo with the drug Taxotere? I need to make a decision. Thanks for any help you can give me.


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    Hi Toni61 My name is Judy. I have been on herceptin now for 3 years. I have had no problems at all taken it. I have also been on taxotere before. Jad no problems with it either it just didn't work for me. If you have anymore questions my e-mail is [email protected] Judy
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    Hi Toni:

    I didn't have Herceptin. But hope the following may be helpful to you:

    For good info regarding Herceptin and it's current application/uses/trials, please go to: www.breastcancer.org/ren_report_2001.05.html

    Hope it may provide some further insight for you as you make your decisions.

    Good general info. re TESTING methods for her/2 can be found at the same web address...just insert the number 09, where it is listed above as 05. (thought you may be particularly interested in the FISH test methods...suggested, if one tests 2+,her/2, according to the info) I had this test, as I was borderline, initially, on immunohistochemistry. The FISH defined it for us so we could proceed with treatment accordingly. I think that's an important thing to get defined.

    Good luck and take good care of you!

    Love, light and laughter,
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    Dear Toni:
    When I started on Herceptin in May, 2000, I believe it was only being given to patients whose tumors tested positive for her2neu. I think they are trying it on other patients now. The Taxotere/Herceptin combo was what put my cancer in remission. I had to switch to Taxol because I was having a lot of problems taking the Taxotere.
    As more research is completed, I am sure there will be more drugs available that work similarly to the Herceptin. My tumor overexpressed the her2neu in the million range instead of what is normal, and that caused the tumors to grow and spread. The Herceptin stops that, and, therefore, aids the body to control or stop or destroy the cancer cells. Hopefully - destroys!!!
    God bless you - you will be in my prayers.
    With hugs from Brenda