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Just posting to say that this new format seems to be one big glitch. I'm finding it very user unfriendly and confusing. My mail box shows, as NEW messages, e-mails, which were already read and replied to, over two weeks ago. I seldom ever go to chat, but WHERE is it, for those ladies who frequently use it?

Postings (DISCUSSION)are not recent at all. I posted just yesterday and they're nowhere to be found. Where did those postings go?

IF this is the final product, then I daresay I won't be visiting very often in the future. Far too difficult to navigate. That would be quite a disappointment. Perhaps other regular's here will have the patience to try to continue with the new system but this format is not making it easy for anyone. Just my opinion, but I would expect that new visitor's will find the site even more difficult to navigate than those of us who've been here for a while and thus be discouraged. This would defeat the very purpose of the site for which funding is allocated.

ADMINISTRATOR: PLEASE address these issues? Or let us know what to expect?

Many thanks,