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My name is Su, and my mother just got diagnosed with MM. She has been an oncology nurse for 23 years, and teaches I Can Cope groups. Back in the day, they did not use any precautions when giving chemo, etc. We think that is where this came from. She see's the specialist on 12/23, but her current oncologist doesn't think that he will prescribe a course of treatment and has said that he feels that she only has about a year to live.

I guess my questions are these:
1) I am a fighter, and what do you do when there is noting to fight?
2) What will my mom go through?
3) how do I tell my 6 year old twins who's favorite person in the world is my mom, and they cry now just leaving a visit with her?

Any help or support that you can give me would be appreciated. My e-mail is



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    Hi Su, I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I have a good friend with MM and he's had chemo and a stem cell transplant. Have you considered getting a 2nd opinion regarding a course of treatment? Is that the appt. on the 23rd? I can't speak to what your mom will go through or even what to tell your kids. I would suggest, though that you explore every possibility out there. Also -- don't give up hope -- ever. I will keep you and your mom in my prayers. -- fishpie
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    Hi Su,
    I am just new to this site and have read your message. I hope by now your Mother is receiving a course of treatment. A year is a long time and it can lead to 2 and 3 and 4. I can't believe that first thoughts were of no treatment! I was diagnosed in 99 and am still now in remission. I was 49 with my youngest child 7 and it is a hard fight. I had to fight hard - I don't know how old your mother is, but hope things are going ok. I would love to hear how things are and will keep you in my prayers. Susi
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    sudrake: Hi. I just registered for CSN today after seeing a TV commercial. I am beginning to determine that there aren't very many participants in the MM category. I see your message was dated 12/02 so it is three months old. I hope your mom is doing well and has decided to take treatment afterall. I am sending you this note to encourage you to remain optimistic. My husband was diagnosed with MM in November of 2001. Even though he has unplugged from our marriage, I am thankful for every day he is well. He is on thalidomide and teaches his third graders every day. We have an excellent oncologist through a hospital in San Diego that was in the forefront of stem-cell transplantation. Our doctor tells us almost every time we see him that he is reading of and seeing new medications and treatments all the time. He has told us that if/when thalidomide fails us, there are other things. And while we do thalidomide and/or other things, we anticipate those drugs that will be invented next year or the following, or tomorrow, that will put MM in the chronic disease category and take it out of the fatal disease category. No matter what you hear, don't fail to believe that that one drug or procedure just might come along while your mom is on this long journey. Take Care.