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Diagnosed in October 2001 with Stage III adenocarcinoma stemming from a colon cancer, I am seven months past chemo and 100 lbs heavier! I am so depressed about it that I really can't focus on living each day as the gift that it truly is. I feel like a freak! I have gone from a size 12 to size 22 in 10 months! What is up with that? Of course, the doctors have very little sympathy for my concerns. I am not looking for sympathy however, but to know that maybe this is a part of the whole treatment and healing process. I spend all day every day depressed about the weight. Having cancer is not bad enough! Anyone out there in the same boat?


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    I had stage 1a ovarian cancer, and since surgery I've also gained a lot of unwanted weight. When I first started to worry about it, my doctors all said not to. Now, of course, I'm having a lot of trouble taking it off.
    You might find it helpful to talk to someone about your depression, which is usually caused by an imbalance in brain chemistry. It can be brought on by stress, and it can be treated.
    Anyway, I'd like to hear from other people about this problem, too.
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    You are the first person I have had any kind on contact with who has gained wt. I have gained wt also, and it drives me up the wall.
    I have colon, adenocarcinoma with liver mets,positive lymph nodes.I have had a hard time with the judgement of other people, they see I have gained wt and say well you don't look like you are sick, you don't look like you have cancer.It can make me feel very depressed if I am not careful. It would be nice to talk with someone who share the same problem. email me if you would like. Cheer3