I'm new and need some support/information.

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Hello. My name is Jeremy. I have a very unique situation and am in need of information and support. My girlfriend was diagnosed with breast cancer at around age 18. We are now 20 and after the cancer went into remission it has now returned as stage 3A.

Let's start with the story. I talked to this girl on the phone and we REALLY hit it off. I got her number from a co-worker. Anyways, we tried to get together, her friend had guy troubles and was hurt (physically) by this guy. She needed to be with her. The next weekend we tried and her Grandmother died and she left for Houston. A few days later she was ready to come back and her Grandfather died. She then came back a few days after that but was VERY sick with a 105 fever. Ridiculous huh? When she did come back she found her best friend (Yeager her Great Dane) shot 7 times and dead. That really didn't help anything. So she then went on to try to push me away because so much was happening kinda like lashing out at the ones you love the most. She went to Houston to I guess 'release' her feelings and understand everything. While there she had an allergic reaction to some medicine. While at the hospital they did a physical and found a golf ball size lump and a couple of smaller lumps. They apprently have been there for a little while and she is so stubborn that she never told anyone or did anything about it. Yeah I know NOT smart at all. Anyways, the doctor was concerned and got them checked. She was then diagnosed with stage 3A breast cancer. Now a couple of thigns to remember: All of this has been since November 4th and no we have not met. Obviously it has been kinda hard to do that. With all that said, she keeps telling me that I don't know what I'm getting into and I can't handle it and it's a lot to take on. My heart tells me taht this girl is special. I fell in love with this girl, in my opinion, a more correct way than in person. Remember that the bible does say Love is blind. Anyways, what I need. I just want to know what exactly she is worried about Chemo and what I can expect to happen or at least maybe what I don't know that everyone here might. I want to be strong. I have read the statistics and I WILL BE optimistic. I did jump to conclusions and thought ok she is gone tomorrow. Which is not true at all. I want to be there for her and I know that this isn't going to be easy but I don't see why I should run from her and leave her. To me that is the meanest thing I can do to someone I care about. Well, thank you for your help and I hope I can get some good information to maybe make me feel better or at least just help me understand. Thank you.