What's up with this?

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Sorry to complain, but I feel like I just landed on another planet. I can't find the chat, our last week of messages seems to be lost, and the resource I listed on my web page goes to MY web page here, it's supposed to go too the one I have on the internet. OK, OK so I don't like change guess I'll get used to it. Sevey and Tara I left you a note last night (Tara yours was in regards to beating the odds, I'm a stage 4 and was just teasing about the Ouch, don't say terminal remark). Sevey you may have to help me find the chat room now! LOL email me if you find it. God bless, hummb


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    Posting this for two reasons!
    1- I agree - the site is a mess and I already told them so.
    2- Like you, except for your one post and Jeremy's, everything starts with Nov. 25 as the latest.

    They had a good thing going - why try to fix what ain't broken! When I clicked 'reply' to you, got your message twice?? Ho-hum! :-)
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    Hummingbird and Jean, Agreed...do not like this new format....Had to go through my personal web page to get here, my favorites list would not work. And where did the chat go???? TONY !!!!!
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    Hi Humm,
    Wow. Just got on and I certainly didn't expect an entire face list on this board. Well, I'm going to try and find my way around. Wish me luck. Today's my hubby's birthday and it's been a crazy busy day with him holding a school seminar here at the house. I cooked a lunch/dinner and got the house sparkling so glad it all worked out well. The weather even cooperated and everyone was able to go outside and use the lanai. He got the tech guy to put a special box linked to our DSL line and the entire group was able to use their laptops wireless. It's nice when technology works.
    ok. I'm going to try and make friends with this new setup. Later,