My mom has lung cancer and its hard to deal with!!!

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My mom was diegnosed with lung cancer in April and is going through her last section of chemo. She is doing well but the cancer is close to her heart so it is scary. I am 13 and have a 6 yr old sister and a great supportive dad. She is a great mom and will not give up. She always thanks god for everyday she is here and she loves her family very much, and her family loves her too, and is verty very supportive!!!
Anything that could help me through this is welcome to submit!


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    Hi, You tell your Mom to Hang in there.I am a 10 year Lung Cancer Survivor. It can be beat. Years ago The word Cancer used to be a death sentance. Not any more. I still am in touch with a woman who was in the room next to me in the Hospital who also had Lung Caner. She moved away, but w are still in touch and see each other at least twice a year and trade notes. I also am Helping other people with the same problem. Tell her to keep her chin up and do what the doctors tell her to.There will be some tough times ahead. Help her as much as you can, and keep teling her how much you love her. Ill keep you and yours in my Prayers...Bobz1
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    I also have a parent battling cancer. The cancer first surfaced as a brain tumor but the primary source is most likely the lungs. I am older than you but I have two children, 7 and 5, that are very close to their grandpa and it is difficult for them. As a mom, I know that she will do anything for her children - including pulling thru this!!!! You have a great attitude and are fortunate you have such a wonderful family! Write down your thoughts and share them with your mom, even the scary ones. It is a truly bonding experience. She will want to know what is on your mind and will feel that much closer to you. I will keep your family and your mom in my prayers and I will watch for future entries here. Let God share your hopes, dreams and fears. It will be ok!
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    I don't know if you are still a part of this discussion board. But if you are, what a brave young man you are!!! My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer in July 2002. She has had 8 rounds of chemo and 25 rounds of radiation. She lost all of her hair and was quite grumpy. I am 31 years old. I cried on her like I was a little girl. Don't be afraid to show your feelings. Besides, she is the only mom you will ever have. Show her you love her every day. Keep a positive attitude.