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My Father is receiving Lupron shots every month for his prostate cancer and is experiencing hot flashes at night(pretty frequently). His doctor prescribed him a hormone called megestrol to help with them and it has, but he wants to quit taking them because they are a hormone also that can affect his PSA. Has anyone else out there suffered from hot flashes and if so, what did you use to help stop them.

Thanks for any help.


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    Hi there, Hubby had em also, Dr. said "best thing to do is tough them out". They only last a few months, and get easier to handle with time, they are not as often and not as "hot". The lupron shots take out the testosterone hormone, without that, there is no more hot flashes. Love, Flo
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    my doctor prescribed effexor 12.5 mg twice a day.
    took away about 1/2 of the hot flashes which seem to get worse the longer you are on lupron.
    I highly recommend the effexor.
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    Not sure if this is helpful but you can ask your fathers doctor. I am off of hormones and had seed implant. My GP prescribed Naicin to improve my "good" chlorestel but, it creates hot flashes. She indicated that taking a childrens 81 mg aspirin approx. 30 minutes before the naicin would reduce or eliminate hot flashes?? Ask you fathers doctor if a regimen of childrens aspirin would be a possibility or create other problems?
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    I have been on Lupron for over eight years and had hot flashes until 2002 and then they didn't come so often.I didn't know it at the time they started to slow down that the Lupron was loosing it's effectivenese and the Urologist never told me this.Well when the hot flashes started to slow my PSA started to elevate.The PSA had remained undetectable for five years.Now I am seeing an Oncoligist with a Psa of 20.Be happy with the hot flashes as you know that the Lupron is working.