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i have spent many long hours searching on the net for the latest treatments, experimental drugs etc once my family found out my mom has stage 4 lung cancer. the info i read was grim and the doctors have been very nice, but i never got the impression that this was something that could be beat. my mom also has multiple sclerosis and superior vena cava syndrome. she went on a round of carbo and taxol, followed by 9 radiation treatments that have just ended. she is now just on taxotere once a week. since she live with me and my family, i see the day to day....i am encouaging her to take one day at a time, keep eating and pray. reading all of your stories and responces has been an inspiration. i am reading how many of you have been battling this for years, and it is so encouaging. i will be sharing this site with my siblings when they visit today. i welcome any advice and we are very interested in learning more about iressa or if anyone has tried celebrex. thank you to everyone! lynn