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Hi, my name is Karen I first had cancer 13 years ago I went through chemo for six months, after chemo the doctor said I was doing fine. Then after 10 years it came back in my neck, the doctor put me on chemo pills. A year later it came in my back, I went for radiation for 14 treatments. Everything was good but in October 2001 I had water around my heart and lung, he put me on chemo and I've been on chemo since. I'm new to discussion groups but I am looking for people who have similar stories, to know that other people have gone through it and are doing ok. Please let me know your thoughts.


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    Welcome Karen, you'll find just the support you need here, the site is wonderful! I was diagnosed 6/00, lumpectomy right breast, bone met 5/01 rt arm, bone met low back 8/01, and lumpectomy left breast 8/01. Last rad 10/01, now on herceptin/zometa/aromasin and faslodex, none are chemo, but do have warnings of heart problems, doing well so far Praise God! I'm impressed you did so well for so long! They are making strides in treatments everyday, meds are more patient friendly, I know one lady on chemo didn't even lose her hair. I feel they have a cure for all of this thru genetics, but can't afford to release it yet, so let's pray some humanitarian will see past the 'lucrative' cancer market. I actually saw that word in an article the other day re: colorectal cancer medication a co. had and when they planned to release it (not till 2004 because they had enough reserve funds till then) believe it or not!
    Sorry, I got off on a tangent. Back to you, take heart, you'll do fine! and I think you'll find this site a tremendous help. The ladies here are all filled w/ such spirit, love and support for each other. I really feel like this is a new part of my family. You'll have to chat sometime and tell us more about yourself. You're in my prayers, God bless, hummingbyrd.
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    Hi Karen!
    WELCOME to the group!!!
    I'm a 2.5 yr. breast cancer (BC) survivor. My main problem is chronic pain due to my lumpectomy 6/00.
    Sorry you've had to go through so much. I hope you feel better soon.
    I'm so glad you decided to seek support here. You'll find answers to alot of your questions, so keep posting!
    Take care,
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    Hi Karen, I also am a 13 year breast ca surviror. I did not receive chemo or radiation, but did take tamoxifen for 5 years. Then in 1998 was diagnosed with low grade lymphoma. It was quite devastating. No chemo so far. My oncologist says just wait and see. Not so easy to do, but I am okay so far. Lymphoma is in remission and breast ca has not reared its ugly head again. Best wishes to you. Think positive and hang in there. It's not easy, but you can rely on those who know what you are going through to help. Prayers are with you. sandee
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    I am so glad that you came here to engage in our support group. I am sorry that your reoccurances have brought you here. You have had many struggles and many experiences that will go along way in helping others overcome all they have to. Hope I get to see you in chat one of these days. Best wishes to you and your's.
    Be good to yourself,