Tumor Markers What do they really mean?

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I had my labs done this week and as usual my markers are still going up. They've been doing this since Dec 2001. So far they can't find any cancer to treat. I too am going for CAT scan of brain (boy that ought to not take long)LOL. I'm having transient numbness of feet, legs, arms, hands just kind of moves around, but I'm on so many meds that can cause neuropathy, plus my Parkinson's who can tell what's doing what. I guess that's my point what do we do if labs indicate cancer activity, but no tumors are found. How do you treat something you can't find or do you? I just added Faslodex to my growing list of medication, now do I add zeloda? When does it stop, when do I start poisening my body more than the elusive cancer cells? Any suggestions and all prayers greatly appreciated, before I lose my freaking mind! The CAT scan of my brain really would be a quick pic then, eh?? God bless, hummB


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    Hi HummB:

    Tumor markers and their interpretation, application/usefulness are a very grey area. Quite a discussion was had on the board here, back around November 3rd. I believe if you refer to page 6, you should be able to find it. Hope it's helpful.

    Love, light and laughter,
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    Dear Hummingbyrd,you have been and still are, in my prayers every day. I ask HIM to touch and heal all of you ladys according to his will.
    I will say a special one for you today.
    I will go for my first tumor marker test the 5th of Dec. I don't know anything about them either, But I'm gonna ask a lot of questions when I see the Dr. on the 12th for results.
    Hopefully your problem is the meds and they will soon get to the bottom of it. Just turn it over to the LORD and let HIM take care of you, and pray that HE will help the Dr.'s find you some relief.