Emmi? How did it go?

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Thinking of you yesterday and today, hope we are hearing good news! *smiles*
Be well Emmi and CONGRATULATIONS on your "graduation"!


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    Hi Marty, how nice of you to think of me. Thanks. All the tests went fine, will get the results this Friday. Glad I had everything done in one day, got nauseated from drinking the contrast , all on an empty stomach, but was OK as soon as I got to eat something. Was tired . Now all I can do is wait and hope for the best. My bloodcount still a little low but nothing to worry about I was told. Oh well... otherwise fell OK. Will keep you posted.
    How are you doing? chemo almost done ? How's little "babette"? Are you being "GOOD" ?
    Thanks again for your thoughts and good spirit, You have a way to brighten someones dayits much appreciated. Take care.. hugs..(big one) Emmi