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I just wanted to thank Geral for turning me on to the patient assistance program. I went to the AstraZeneca (maker of tamoxifen) site today and ssent an email about signing up for assistance. I recieved an email with a phone number to contact them. It is called the AstraZeneca cancer support network and after punching in a few numbers I talked with someone who is sending an application for me to fill out. The number I got was different than the one I got from geral tho, it is 1 866 992 9276. I would still like to hear from anyone else that has taken Celexa for depression. I am in limbo until I make up my mind whether to take it or not. Kathy


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    hi Kathy,

    Try the Celexa. If it works you will be so glad you did. After a month on Prozac I was sorry I had not taken it sooner. They help - just need to find the one that works best for you.

    Good Luck,
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    I take Effexor and am glad of it! My stepdaughter (not a cancer survivor) takes Celexa for anxiety and has no problems with it and feels it helps. Good luck
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    Hi Kathy, I just replied to a message you sent, must have been the first one you posted about depression, so please read my message. I have your same problem. Can't take anything for my depression because it makes me so sick that I too feel like I'm going to die. Again, my offer is valid if you want to e-mail me and maybe we can cheer each other up some times. Hugs, Marie
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    I take Celexa and tamoxifen Kathy. I have found Celexa to be very easy to live with. In the beginning I had one of the most interesting side effects I've ever had - spontaneous yawning. I would have thought I'd lost my mind, but found out that it was not an uncommon side effect. It went away after awhile, and I haven't had any other side effects. Peace- Diane