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Thanks so much for responding so quickly. I should have joined this discussion group months ago.I talked to my oncologist this morning and now she is wanting me to try Celexa. Anyone know anything about it? She still says that my side effects after taking the paxil are not typical, Makes me a little upset, like she thinks I made it up or something. I know how I felt and it was very real. Anyway let me here from y'all. Kathy


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    Doctors often say things because they are questioning themselves trying to dig for some experience or something they read. If I had felt like you everytime someone said that I would of slit my throat by now. Doctors are more aware than ever how different each body and person is. They know that some people are just more sensative than others. Don't be upset, stand your ground and continue to remind her that your body is obviously different than anything she has seen until now is all. I have had many not believe all my symptoms and problems but if I hadn't fought for solutions I would never have gotten better or found all the diseases that are raging within me side affects from their treatments and their medications, not mine. Stand up for what you truly believe in and that should be your good health.
    Be good to yourself,
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    Kathy, I don't anything about Celexa personally but have a friend who tried about every antidepressant available & finally found the right one with Celexa. I'm on Wellbutrin SR & love it. Minimal side effects in the beginning but nothing like the side effects I had with Paxil & Zoloft.